Breast-feedingDuring your 1st month to 3rd month babies, mothers’ breast milk is one of the best nutrition of your baby.

But as your newborn infant develops physically and mentally day by day, the breast feeding process and requirements of milk will increase day by day. With time babies move toward consuming more and more milk during each breast feeding, so timely won’t need to feed as often and will sleep longer at night.

Especially the first 3 months when a spurt growth increases your baby’s appetite. Continue to feed on demand and increase the number of feedings as his/her needed per days.

Breastfeeding: How Much and how many times breastfeed 1 month old baby?

After the first few weeks following birth, breastfed babies start to feed less often and sleep for longer periods at night. You can be reassured that your breastfed infant probably is eating enough if he or she:seems alert, content, and active is steadily gaining weight, growing, and developing feeds six to eight times per day is wetting and soiling diapers on a regular basis Your baby might not be eating enough if he or she doesn’t appear satisfied, even after feeding, and cries constantly or is irritable. Call your baby’s doctor if you notice any of these signs.

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