Public Health Engineering Department Tender No Work No Tender Description Region Addendum Approved by Addendum Ref. No 05/PHED SAMASTIPUR/2018-19 05 Extension of rural pipe water supply scheme SAHIT to ensure ward saturation with house connection including 5 years operation and maintenance in the district of Samastipur under P.H. Division, Samastipur for the year 2018-19. Wards… (0 comment)

जानिए अपने आँखों कि ज्योति / दृष्टि / नजर तेज करने के लिए क्या करें और क्या ना करें – Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Eyesight
What to Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Eyesight आज के समय में हम अपने दैनिक दिनचर्या को पूरा करने में व्यस्त रहते हैं, कंप्यूटर और मोबाइल के स्क्रीन के सामने घंटे बिताते हैं या अच्छी किताब में चिपके रहते हैं, हम शायद ही कभी नेत्र चिकित्सक से मिलने के लिए समय निकालते हैं ओ… (0 comment)

Pure Vegetarian Food Chart for 2 Year Old Baby
Some mothers with youngsters this age surprise how their baby’s ingesting has turn out to be so erratic, unpredictable and tough whilst different moms are blessed with desirable eaters who adapt to new ingredients, meal instances and flavours with enjoy. Healthful ideas for your 2 to 3 years naughty baby Feeling hungry is partly determined… (1 comment)

2 years baby food chart
Your baby food chart depends upon area and locality of availability of food material. Your baby food chart depends upon area and locality availability of food material. But in this time all food material or active ingredients available all over the world. So you can’t said that this baby food recipes is only for European…

Baby food chart by month
Feeding time is a exquisite time to bond with your infant. research more approximately your options underneath and communicate together with your doctor to determine how exceptional to feed your baby. Feeding Your toddler Can mean a lot extra studies have proven that recurring touch can lead to progressed physiological, cognitive, emotional and social improvement.… (0 comment)

4 months baby food chart
When ought to Baby begin on Solids? The yankee Academy of medical specialty says you must begin your kid on solids between four and half dozen months. at intervals this window, seek for a number of these developments: baby feeding Linda Farwell Can sit upright and interruption his head Is curious, staring at everything around… (0 comment)