Moringa is a Gift of Nature for Human Health
Moringa contains a recently discovered cytokinin (plant hormones that induce cell division, growth, and delay aging of cells).vMoringa Tea has named this unique compound Moringa YSP. In recent clinical tests, this naturally occurring substance increased both the growth and yield of agricultural products and, when added to the diets of dairy cattle, significantly increased their… (0 comment)

Moringa Oleifera and Weight Loss
Moringa Oleifera can be useful for weight loss and weight management, as long as it is used with the supervision of a qualified health practitioner. Moringa leaves are low in fat and highly nutritional, providing 42 percent of the recommended daily minimum requirement for protein, and 125 percent for calcium. Moringa leaves can be eaten… (0 comment)

Moringa as a Source of Biogas
Moringa plants (approximately 30 days old) were milled together with water. The fibre was separated by filtration through a mesh with 5 mm pores and the liquid fraction produced was then added to a biogas reactor. With an average feed of 5.7 g of volatile solids the gas production was 580 liters of gas per… (0 comment)

Moringa Plant Growth Spray
Recently a new benefit of Moringa was suggested: the leaves seem to contain a substance that stimulates plant growth and increases crop production. Several years ago, Mr. Nikolaus Foidl came across a reference to a study by a Mr. Singh of India. It said that an extract from Moringa leaves seemed to stimulate the growth…

How to Take Moringa Oleifera
In sub-tropical countries where Moringa Oleifera grows, this plant is eaten in different ways. Moringa Oleifera is used to make tasty soups. Its seeds are roasted. Powdered Moringa may be used for desserts, etc. In North America and Europe, Moringa Oleifera is usually available as: – Moringa Oleifera Capsules: Moringa capsules provideeasily digestible nutrients. –… (0 comment)

Moringa Oleifera and Well-Being
Moringa Oleifera has been used for long time in preventative medicine, for liver, kidney, stomach and thyroid problems. Moringa Oleifera is a complete food, with more Vitamin A than carrots. more Vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach. Moringa Oleifera has strong antioxidant properties, said to guard against skin cancer… (0 comment)

Moringa Pests and Diseases
Moringa is resistant to most pests. In very water-logged conditions, Diplodia root rot can occur. In very wet conditions, seedlings can be planted in mounds so that excess water is drained off. Cattle, sheep, pigs and goats will eat Moringa seedlings, pods and leaves. Protect Moringa seedlings from livestock by installing a fence or by… (0 comment)

Moringa Fodder development
Shortage of feed and fodder resources for livestock population in the state is one of the major constraints for low livestock production.Sufficient green fodder is essential for production of milk and meat. Green feed reduces the production cost of milk, meat & egg. The 7 Departmental fodder seed farms have produced 96.89 quintals of fodder… (0 comment)

Moringa as A variety of live stock fodders
In all our sites and at our national Fodder Roundtable another key actor was Eden Field Seeds, a local private seed supplier. At one of our Fodder Roundtable meetings we focused on difficulties with forage seed supply and one of the recommendations was to encourage local agribusinesses to expand and begin to take on the… (0 comment)

Moringa Livestock feed for the future
We are livestock farmers just like you, and we have struggled this season with our feed needs. We raise show quality breeding alpacas. Proper nutrition is vital to the success of our carefully monitored and strategized genetic improvement program. We are also passionate about using sustainable farming methods in our farming and we want to…