CPM Affiliate Marketing
PPM / CPM / Pay-Per-Impression Affiliate Program PCM means “pay-per-impression” or “Cost-Per-Mil*” or “CPM”(Cost per thousand Impression where ‘M’ is a roman number denote to thousand ) or “Cost per Thousand Impressions” where *Mil=1000. An advertiser pays you for per thousand impression of ads exposure of specific audience. The merchant site pays you the affiliate… (0 comment)

PPC & CPC Affiliate Marketing
Pay per click (PPC) is also called cost per click (CPC) in an affiliate program. The PPC is the amount an advertiser pays you each time someone click on the advertiser’s ads on CPC affiliate programs. In this program the website owner earn certain amount per click for displaying ads on website or blog. The… (1 comment)

CPA Marketing and How Really Works?
There are many ways to earn money online in the world CPA marketing is one of them. The full form of CPA is “Cost Per Action” and sometimes you known as PPA “Pay Per Action”. This is an online advertising price model of affiliate marketing. Where the advertiser pays you for each particular specified action… (1 comment)

ClickBank is a top level affiliate network marketing company in the world that was started in 1999 in San Diego in California, and moved to Boise in Idaho in 2000. This is a digital portal that’s provides you the services to set up an account and sell the digital products. ClickBank is one of the… (0 comment)

Affiliate Programs
By affiliate programs the company offers a proportion of his profits to anyone who wishes to sponsor and sell their products through affiliate marketing. The rewards for both parties are different. The company doesn’t have to pay or work to get the customers that the affiliate brings in, and the affiliate does not have to… (0 comment)

Earning With Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing means a person promotes a product of a Company. Affiliate person earns a pre-agreed commission after the sale. The Company also gets benefit of sale, without any work or payment to anyone for trading. This is the most frequent way to earn money online. It is very attractive advantage for the novice to… (0 comment)