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How to Create SEO Friendly Web Designing

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A web designing is a combination of technical skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of website. There are different technology used in web designing include; website graphic design (includes .css, .js, images etc), Search engine optimization (SEO friendly designing and content), content writing on the page, technology and other things matter.

There are many other technical things is important for your website SEO is one of them for getting well ranking on the search engine. If you are designing a website pages and you want to come on search engine top ranking then you must have to create SEO friendly pages. If you not design webpage according to SEO rules then you never get the ranking on the search engine. There is no strict rules to create own website according to search engine optimization.

SEO friendly web designing is not a very typical work, when you are designing the webpage then follow the rules.

Now in this time SEO has become a valuable online marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You can create own solid online market place using this technique. Doing these things you can get more benefits.

Below are the tips when you are designing a WebPages then maintains the SEO rules.

Website Load Times:

Website loading time is one of the top most factors for a search engine. In 2010

Google update owns search engine algorithms where web website load times or speed is one of the major matters for getting rank on search engine. Website loading time depends on different matter such as designing, server and other matter. Designing is one of the big issue for increasing your load time. Some of the problem is maintained below.

CSS Files: Use only useful CSS file and remove unwanted or unused code from your pages.

JavaScript: JavaScript really takes a more loading time of your site, depending on what are you using. You can use simple JavaScript in your site but you script is heavy then also increate your site loading time.

Image Size: According to search engine your images image site must be below 12KB.

File size: Remove unwanted white spaces and any unessential code from your page.

Heavily Flash File: Flash website become very attractive and cool site but according to SEO this is not good because loading time increase by many times. Search engine ignore the flash file he consider as an images object. Simple HTML website get better ranking with search engine but flash site never gets the ranking. Anchor Text: Anchors text is another frequently mistake during design time. It is a vital role in SEO and when you are using links lack anchor text that is not a good thing.

Sitemaps: The sitemaps is generally designed for search engine about all of the content on the website pages. Search engine bots finds all of the site content that may be 2 or 3 directory deep on the website. Other things about search engine when he starts to crawling your site first search robot.txt and sitemap pages (sitemap.xml).
You can use 4different sitemaps.
• ROR (aka RSS Feed)
• URL List

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