Determining Meta Keywords

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Importance of keywords

Keyword is very essential elements for SEO to promote your website on the search engine. Keywords take the most important role in to optimize your site. It might sound easy but you get more puzzles to decide on the keywords. Because a good keyword attract a relevant visitors and also get the quick indexed on the search engine.

Choosing your keywords

Before starting to promote your business first understand about your targeted keyword. When you selecting the keyword you have keep in the mind that keyword are not only describe your site but it is also use by people for looking some things. So in this condition you should choose that keyword through which your site gets high rank on the major search engine. Always choose minimum 3-4 top keyword for getting higher ranking on the search engine result pages.

Keyword Density

If you are writing an article for your web pages then use rich keyword and ensuring a proper keyword density for the selected keywords in the article. Because your keyword density is generally measure your WebPages relevancy. Generally the higher keyword density gets the higher relevancy of the pages for the search but the ideal density is about 3% to 7% for the main keyword and for the secondary keywords about 1% to 2%. You can use these free SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker to find out your website’s pages keyword density.

There are no fixed rules to use your keyword in an article 5-10 times or a number. The number of your repeated keywords depends on your length of your content. Please not use much keyword to optimize your content, otherwise your content will not be natural just look like a text field of keyword and your pages count in spamming. May be your website banned by search engine.

Keywords in Special Places

The quality of keyword is most important with quantity. Use most important keyword in title “<.h1.>” tag. Any search engine robot search there heading tag to make it main keyword of that WebPages. Always create a page name (URL) with the keyword and title must be same top keyword. Your site URL, File name also images name, file and directory name, page title and heading are important than the common content on the page.

Keywords in URLs and File Names

Your entire website URL and domain name practically speaks itself your targeted keyword or business behaviors. If you want to run a site then your domain name must be a keyword related to business behaviors. If you are searching a domain name according to SEO if you can’t get a short name then you have better option to choose 3-4 keywords in your site name. For example this site contain the combination of 3keywords such as “earn” + “Money” + “Online” become “earn money online” that’s top keyword generally broad search on search engine by using this terms.

After when you are creating web pages then you can use combination of 4-5 rich keywords for creating the page name. Because your page name become the site URL and generally search engine indexed the site URL very fast. When you purchase a domain name then you make sure that this domain is rich keyword and that can get relevant traffic in easy way.

Keywords in Page Titles

The title of the page is another most important element for a WebPages () that tag generally showed in search engine result pages. This is not important part according to website designing, you can leave them but according to search engine optimization this is better terms to full fill the title. The title of your web pages may be longer and descriptive such as “How to earn money online without investment with Google AdWords” or longer.

Keywords in Headings

Keyword heading is another important part of your website according to SEO view. There you can create many heading in your content on a pages, there are no limit for the <.h1>,<.h2>,<.h3>,<.h4>,<.h5>,<.h6>,<.h7>…. tags. But the extra long heading will make your site pages unreadable, thus there are no usages of long headings.


If you are making a page to target “earn money” consider changing up the adjective “earn” to its synonyms, like “gain”, ”make”, ”take in”. And you can also use the it’s another form as “earning”, “making” with attachment of specific words such as “money making”, “earning program”, “online money making tips” etc.

Broad Keywords

By using a broad keyword you can’t get the relevant traffic from the search engine. Visitor may only have a vague idea of what they are looking for. The broad keywords tend to very short and are not very specific. Example: “money”, “software”, “play”, “Game” etc. If you will get well rank on broad keyword then you can get much traffic from search engine.

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