Germination of Moringa seeds

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We assure you to tell all process of germination and there are lots of methods of germinating seeds that have declared for growers around the world.Some methods may work better depending on the microclimate. Moringa seeds have wings and are about the size of a large pea. Seeds don’t need sunlight in order to germinate. We announce some suggestions on germination.

1. Soak the seeds for 24 hours, the seed will imbibe the water it needs to germinate from this procedure. Remove the seeds from the solution.
2. Put the seeds in a plastic sandwich bag and store in a warm, dark place like a drawer or cabinet. Germination times range from 3-14 days. Do not add extra water to the bag.
3. Check them every two days. Once the seeds have broken loose from the winged shell, you will notice two shoots protruding from the seed.
4. Do not let the shoots get too long and thin as they may get fragile and break when handled. Moreover, one of the shoots will have some ruffled growth at the extremity; this is the shoot that contains the first leaves (cotyledons) and should be the shoot exposed to the sun.
5. It is a good idea to use pots to get the trees started since you have more control over the care of the tree. Like many plants the roots are very vulnerable until they are established in the ground.

6.Germination-of-Moringa-seeds If using a plastic pot, before transplanting to the ground, use a long thin blade to loosen the soil from the inside edges of the pot. Turn the band or pot upside down to allow the entire plant and soil to slide out of the container. This prevents disturbing the roots. Have a hole already dug and gently place in the hole. If you are planting more than one tree, space the plants 7-10 feet apart for optimum access to the mature tree. The tree will branch out 3-4 feet from the trunk so this spacing will allow you to walk between trees and let the sunlight to do its job. Of course if you want a wind break, just plant them all at 1 foot intervals, like they do in Africa and India. Moringa is like any plant that appreciates plant food and fertilizers and ample supply of water.
7. Don’t forget, you can always just put the seeds in the ground or a large pot and water.
We have found that Moringa is sensitive to the volume of soil in which it begins its life cycle.

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