Moringa as A variety of live stock fodders

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In all our sites and at our national Fodder Roundtable another key actor was Eden Field Seeds, a local private seed supplier.

At one of our Fodder Roundtable meetings we focused on difficulties with forage seed supply and one of the recommendations was to encourage local agribusinesses to expand and begin to take on the seed supply function from the national research system. As the Fodder Adoption Project wound up we wondered whether some of the linkages established through the local innovation platforms would last beyond the project. I was encouraged therefore when ILRI was approached by EMDTI recently to co-sponsor a forage seed field day involving Eden Field Seeds. The field day was held at one of the company’s outgrower schemes associated with Ataye Prison Farm in North Shewmorringa-food.

Fodder Solutions has the right product for you. The science shows that there is great nutritional benefit provided by Fodder Solutions’ hydroponic sprouted grain and is suitable for all livestock including, sheep, cattle, horses, goats, llamas chickens with improved growth and overall health. The Fodder Solutions hydroponic system of producing high quality ,economical animal feed is particularly suited to environments that experience drought, land shortages, short growing seasons and climate difficulties.An adequate supply of livestock fodder is crucial to the livelihoods of millions of people across the developing world, and not just for farmers, but also pastoralists and the large number of landless who depend mainly on common land for grazing. Livestock producers meet their fodder requirements through a combination of crop residues and grazing. Others cultivate forage crops or purchase fodder off-farm.The estimated doubling of demand for meat and milk in developing countries in the next two decades offers significant opportunities for livestock producers to increase their incomes. However, the availability of and access to quality fodder remains an important constraint.

In this edition of New Agriculturist, we feature some of the technologies and approaches being developed to address fodder scarcity and improve nutritional quality of fodder in different regions. The Best Option for Animal Nutrition Sprouts grown in a Fodder Feed System are a highly nutritious source of animal feed. Sprouts are best incorporated into a feed as a concentrate, grain replacement, hay replacement, or supplement. Always verify planning with your vet when mapping out a fodder solution. There are many advantages to feeding sprouts grown with hydroponic fodder feed systems. Since sprouts are fed year round, they are considered a ‘living feed’. Advantages that come from the animals having access.

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