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How PPC Marketing Works

The full form of PPC is “Pay Per Click”. This totally difference from SEO because we pay some amount for every clicks. But in SEO process you have not required to pay any affiliate company. This is the main different between PPC marketing and SEO. In another word you can say that PPC is the inorganic process to get traffic but SEO is organic way to get traffic from search engine.

First understand what is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) ads usually appear in a colored box on search results pages and separated from the regular search results on most major search engines and website portals. That’s links provides by affiliates company as bidding, such as Google AdWords and other.

Risk Involved with PPC?

PPC search engine marketing has no risk involved other than the money you are spending for buying the clicks. Then don’t mind that’s your website getting banded from search engine. The costs for pay per click marketing are very expensive, you charge for every click. Some of your competitors may click on your ads to cost you. So it is importance to track your ads.

The question arise that how PPC works? You find that pay per click marketing is a paid service for increasing your site traffic. You purchase the traffic from Affiliate Company and top search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other. You pay you for every click and for one thousand ads impression. Google AdWords hides bid prices and factors of ads click through rate into a click cost.

Difference between PPC and SEO

Pay per click marketing technique provides you a quick response of traffic because this is paid services. So we called inorganic technique to generate the traffic. When you left the purchasing the link then you traffic becomes very low. You can say that the PPC program is an alternative services of SEO program both main motive is to generate traffic. Search engine optimization is the organic process to generating the traffic from search engine. This process is cheaper then PPC marketing. Because you don’t have to pay any affiliate company regarding traffic.

Choosing Search Engine for Pay per click (PPC)

If you are looking to invest in PPC program then choose first search engine affiliate program. Google AdWords, Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista provides one of the best affiliate program. Google is the most popular Search Engine on the Web, over 200 million searches or traffic comes per day. Google is recently entered the pay per click program is called AdWords.

Select your pay per click (PPC) budget

Mostly of PPC programs allow you to manage the budgets on a set dollar amount or by daily or monthly limitations of clicks and payment. Choose your own pay per click budget management tools according to your requirement of traffic. If you chose a budget management tool based on daily or monthly budget limit then you can work on regular bases. For example if your monthly budget is about $500 and you can’t manage a click then your account will finish in one to two days. And you can’t manage with your visitors or customer because traffic increased many times. Whatever the management tools provides you have chosen the pay per click search engines do keep in very good contact with you to help manage your program.

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