How To Reduce a All Video File Size By Over 90% Without Losing Quality !

Uncompressed digital video files deliver utmost quality, however sometimes have to be compelled to store huge quantity of knowledge. whereas at the instant you will assume that there’s enough house of your computer or moveable gadgets, you’ll still need to cut back video size while not losing quality for quick uploading or streaming. Now, free transfer the simplest video size decreaser to agitate lossless compression:

Question is that What Parameters Affect Video File Size?

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How to compress video files while not losing quality or optimize the dimensions of target video? Why the video size gets abundant larger than foretold once the video conversion is completed? Here we’d like to work out what parameters have a control on video size, then we are able to solve lossless compression. For video size, encoder (Format) and bit rate of the video square measure the foremost crucial factors or reference indexes. In broad terms, the video size is decided by bit rate. below constant definition, the upper bit rate the video possesses, the larger the video size is. And keep in mind, the resolution has no influence on video size if we tend to don’t modification bit rates.
Download and install Handbrake if you do not have it

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