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How to Select a domain Name For SEO

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A domain name takes a most important role in internet marketing. The domain name must be a keywords related to your business so you get more traffic to the site with less effort of SEO. You need to decide how your client or people search on the web, this decision make a big affect on search engine page ranking. The name must be short keywords that are users easy to remember.

You have to decide that how to your user approaches you as a brand name or keywords (search terms that’s people commonly used in search engine). If you have a unique brand name not a keyword and people want to find your site by searching your brand name then you should use domain name as brand name. Another process if you choose a domain name related to your keywords that identify your business does. For example your work is related to “bulk SMS” then

you can choose a domain that’s use bulk SMS keywords in name. Using this you can found that your site is more relevant for search those terms because Search engines can parse the domain name to recognize the distinct words bulk and SMS.
Hence there are some tips are to keep in mind when purchase a domain name:
Length: a shorter domain name is better than longer domain name. There are many reasons to choose a short length domain name (or URL string). The sort URL (a domain name) is easier to remember than long domain name URL. Then user directly enters your site address on browser windows to open your website. User tend to avoid clicking on long URL link on search results page so always avoids long length domain name.
Multiple Keywords: Most domain name contains the multiple keywords related to brand and business. Such as earnmoneyonline7.com, bulksmsresellerindia.com contain the multiple keywords related to your business generally user/visitor search on search engine. However sometime you need to separate words visually to make them easier for user to understand and remembered. When you want to use separate keywords then this condition you must use a hyphen. The search engines interpret hyphens as word spaces but this condition underscores “_” don’t work well because they are count as alphanumeric character. You should use maximum one (two at the most) hyphen in your domain name for better results. If you use more than two hyphens then your site look likes suspicious to search engines, like spam. All search engines not ban you website (domain name) as a spam for using multiple hyphen as sony-solar-lantern-products-in-china.com but look likes suspicious for your visitors. www.cutesolar.comwould an excellent choice to attract your visitor.

domainDomain: The top level domain name is takes the most important roles in SEO for getting the better consideration in search engine. There in internet market over thousands of domains in the market related to works and country. To choose a top level domain as .com, .net and .org is better for you.

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