Visual Extras and SEO Iframe

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Search engines have no means to index like images, sounds, flash movies and file, JavaScript and images. Intend, they read and index your meaningful textual content file. About 9 to 10 year before search engines index only description and title tag content but now index all pages content. If technology become advances in future, then it might possible for search engines index you movies, images, flash, JavaScript and other graphics file. But now in this time this is just a dream.

1. Images

To create a website there many files and textual coding used, images are one of them. It is an essential part of any Webpage and designer point of view they are not an extra but most mandatory for designing a website. The image file is essential part of any website according to designer view but for search engine is not. According to your visitor/reader views the site visual appearance cannot be avoided.

With all that said idea is not to skip images at all. In this modern life and style this is impossible that you can use only textual website, there are many ways to create a website with images according to search engine rules. When you are using the image then must be provides all additional information with images file name as a keyword, image title, alt etc.

Example: <img src=”images/Ways-to-Make-Money-Blogging.gif” width=”336″ height=”249″ title=”Earn money online with blog” alt=”How to making online money with Blogging” />

2. Animation and Movies

The situation with animation and movies is similar as images files. They are valuable according to designer end but search engine never consider it. Never use flash home pages because of ranking problem. The movie or animation file is become one of the top reason of rankings killer of your site because increase your load time and never index. There are rumors that Google is building a new search technology that will allow to search inside graphics and movies and that the .swf format will contain new metadata that can be used by search engines, but until then, you’d better either refrain from using (too much) Flash, or at least provide a textual description of the movie (you can use an “alt” tag to describe the movie).

3. Frames

The iframe is a ‘hole’ in a web page that is pulling the content or data from another site link. Google doesn’t hate the iframes but also ignore them. Search engine search only content on your WebPages but frames have not any content file on the pages because file comes from another site. So it is invisible to search engine. So iframes does not helps you according to SEO and also don’t hurt.

4. JavaScript

In this time JavaScript used wisely in website designing, But if your main content is displayed through JavaScript, this makes it more difficult for spiders to follow and if JavaScript code is a mess and spiders can’t follow it, this will definitely hurt your ratings.

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