Water Purification through Moringa Seeds

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Moringa Oleifera seed powder is particularly effective in purifying water. This is important in many societies, where the only drinking water available may come from a dirty river or lake. The Moringa Oleifera seed powder removes dirt by joining with the particles and sinking to the bottom. It also is extremely effective in removing harmful bacteria from bodies of water.

Moringa Oleifera seed powder is much more economical, and arguably, safer than aluminum sulfate and other chemicals traditionally used in water purification.

moringa-seeds-purificationWhen crushed and added to turbid water, moringa seeds can serve to purify it for drinking and other uses. This cleansing property is the result of the coagulating nature of the moringa seed, which can speed water clarification and allow water to settle and become safe to drink much more quickly. The use of moringa seeds in water purification is expected to provide healthier, safer drinking water for many areas of the world in which technologically advanced methods are not available.Moringa seeds have numerous benefits for us since it is full of nutrients and antioxidants. It is able to be eaten as supplement substitute, as it is really full of nutrient and completely natural. It is also able to make your minor injuries like bruises, cut, or even burns heal faster because of the nutrients it has.Moringa seeds are edible in both fresh and dried forms and, along with the seed pods that contain them, can be prepared in numerous ways as both food and medicine. The medicinal properties of the moringa seed are well documented in the scientific literature and are further supported by the experiences of generations of traditional Ayurvedic practitioners.


The removal of organic and inorganic raw water is essential before they can be sterilized for human consumption. In water treatment, this stage is the clarity, usually obtained through the application of chemical coagulants to change the water in liquid state to a semi-solid. This is usually followed by flocculation, the process smooth and continuous agitation of coagulated water, which promotes the formation of flakes, through the aggregation of tiny particles in water. Flocs can be easily removed by sedimentation or filtration. In the process of water purification, The seed kernels contain significant quantities of several water molecules and soluble proteins in solution carry a positive charge. Proteins are considered to act in a manner similar to synthesis of positively charged polymer coagulants. When added to raw water to bind the proteins predominantly to negatively charged particles that make it rough murky waters (silt, clay, bacteria, etc. Under adequate agitation these particles then grow in size to form flakes, which can be solved by gravity or be removed by filtration.

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