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Website Designing & Promotion (SEO)

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Website Designing
Website designing and development is a very big business on the international market. There are companies that will charge you thousands of thousands for website designing and development. In the world there is thousands of website and Software Company creating a website for customer and for own.

Making money through online website design business seems to be in vogue now as it is easy and convenient. You can run your online business from home. Basically your online business runs on many other essential thinks, such as website traffic (Lead / customers), services, online infrastructure and more. This all work can be done through search engine optimization.

You can follow the below mentioned tips for making money online with website designing.
A good website design is include the following instruction:

• Fast to page load.
• Clean and uncluttered page.
• Ignore flashing or distracting elements, take more time for loading.
• Good color combination of your website for your visitors.
• Pages that is easy to navigate through all links.
• A logical and intuitive layout of website.
• Find Easy to contact details and all content as usual place.
• Easy to find sitemap.

+ Unique content
A bad website design and content might include some of the following terms:

• Frames are not compatible with the search engines, please ignore frame.
• Please don’t use clashing colors.
• No obvious navigation guides.
• Complicated site structure that is confusing and impossible to navigate through easily.
• No sitemap on the site.
• Spelling mistakes and bad grammar.

If you are a website designer and already have a website or blog then discuss your ideas with the people. If you are running a blog then regular write some new topics so your visitors coming to read your articles.
Now in this time flash is great technology in website designing, but flash file not support the search engine. So next time if you design a new website then ignore flash file. Flash file become heavy so loading time become high that’s not good for search engine optimizing.

Website Promotion (SEO)
Website promotion takes most important role in online international business. This is step by step process of getting own website popularity (organic Links) on search engine. Search engine optimization is not a program code but it is a technique or process to get back-link toward your site. It just needs common sense and ideas about process and technique. Then all you have to do is follow the step by step and watch the result.

Using website promotion process (search engine optimization) you promote your website to another popular website for getting back-link (Link juice). You can say a simple ways if our content is unique targeted you your keyword and you leave a good number of own website URL link on another site then a search engine consider you as a rich website.

We provide search engine optimization class as online and offline to promote your own websites. You don’t have to require paying a company to do it.

There are two basic factor need to look out for optimize your website. First is onsite optimization and second is offsite optimization.
Onsite factors include:

1. searching your keyword and selecting the best keyword for main home page
2. Sure that your main page title must be your top keyword.
3. Keyword is included the description tag.
4. Your main keyword in the body of the page text in the first paragraph
5. Use H1 tag with your top keyword heading.
6. Use your main keyword in the body in the first paragraph
7. Using your main keyword in the images on the page as Alt tag and title.
Offsite factors include:

• Getting quality back links with your main keyword in the anchor text.

Once after complete these basic factor you can start to promote your website to getting own product sale and services with good earning.

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