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What is Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing means a person promotes a product of a Company. Affiliate person earns a pre-agreed commission after the sale. The Company also gets benefit of sale, without any work or payment to anyone for trading.

This is the most frequent way to earn money online. It is very attractive advantage for the novice to the internet. It is so simple that any beginners of internet can start earning money online. You have to just start this from your spare time & start earns money online.

The commission of affiliate marketing is depends on Company product, so it will vary. You will get minimum 5% from the sale product profit. You can get 60% to 75% affiliate commissions to others, i.e. ClickBank, this is an affiliate marketing that deals completely in digital items.

Your affiliate commissions are paid usually once a month. It is usual that an entry is set, and only earnings that surpass this entry are paid in any one month. A general entry is $100, so if you have earn affiliate commissions $80 from company in any given month, you wouldn’t be able for payment in that month & not until your earning in the following month exceeded $100.

The reward of affiliate marketing are mainly the fact that the seller does not having to carry any stock. The company has that side of things to deal with. If there is an argument about a sale, or a demand for a refund of the money paid, again it is the company who deals with it. The affiliate marketer may also have the expediency of being able to use pre-made advertising materials from the company.

To understand for persons who involved in affiliate marketing, a number of affiliate networks have sprung up over the years. One of the major and best known is Commission Junction. They have signed up with large number of companies them and they manage the affiliate programs for them. Any affiliate marketer can sign up as an affiliate and once approved can start promoting a company’s products.

For use of affiliate marketers there are many other affiliate networks available. Associate Programs is one of the outstanding resources where you can find affiliate programs and affiliate networks. This is one of the most reliable resources & best ever running and of its type.

To do affiliate marketing there are so many ways. The most frequent way is you have to find a company with a product you would like most to endorse that, by which will earn you a polite commission, and set up a website to endorse it. .

This can engage having your own hosting account, but using good, dependable and economical hosts, such as www.hostgator.com, makes this simple. You will also have to buy your own domain name from the Domain providers such as www.bigrock.in & www.godaddy.com/India also make this simple to do. You can also use any free website platform, such as Squidoo , Blogger , or WordPress to promote products.

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