Black Hat SEO is a technique to increase your website popularity with less time on major search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. In SEO technique you find two terms first is “White Hat SEO” another is “Black Hat SEO” frequently used. SEO is a useful for building up online business brand.

First you should know what White Hat SEO is. After that you will easily understand about Black Hat SEO.
What is White Hat SEO:
White Hat SEO is a terms to describe the ethical (organic) SEO practices to increase your website popularity. These practices are according to search engine acceptable SEO conduct guidelines. These guidelines offer website owners the best opportunity to achieve long lasting and better ranking on search engine effective keywords and phrase choices.

Increase website traffic towards your website using “White Hat SEO” is better opportunity for getting online leads to convert into valuable customers. White Hat SEO technique does not present the website with immediate results on search engine but its growth period is relatively slow and takes some time to effective create but when comes up then its lasting is long.

A major search engine indexes a new website pages which website is SEO friendly. And website ranking increases once new content and link are updated on you site.

What is Black Hat SEO:
These terms used to describe unethical or spam practices. Black Hat SEO does not follow the rules or guidelines code of set by major search engines. This is “cheat” method or technique to boost a websites ranking quickly for getting more visitors (customer) with less effort. In this process your website gets search engine top pages ranking but if a website found to be “spamming” or using a “black hat SEO” technique then the search engine can be takes an action can be banded or blacklisted. Black Hat SEO generally uses hidden text and links, clocking and doorway pages, link farming and spam blog comment. The Black Hat SEO is also called Spamdexing.

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

  Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO
Meta Tags Stuffing or spamming of keywords (i.e.: too many keywords are used in order to be picked up quickly and easily by search engines. These do not accurately represent a website.)  Use Keywords and phrases are researched and accurately represent a website and its page content. Researched keywords also accurately match what a target audience is currently searching for. 
Content Content is hidden (e.g.: white text containing keywords are hidden against a background of the same color. Comment tags can also be used to hide keywords.)  Quality content (i.e.: keywords are strongly relevant and are consistently used throughout a page.) 
Links Link farming (i.e.: links are exchanged with many other websites. This is a manipulative method to try and make a website more popular than it actually is.)  Inbound links (i.e.: links are not traded with many websites. Inbound links can be created when another links to a website’s content (e.g.: blog, post or article) providing additional and relevant information about website.)
Page Elements Doorway passages (also known as bridge pages, entry pages, gateway pages, jump pages and portal pages). Keyword phrases are used to create an increase in website traffic levels. Doorway passages spam search engines with these specific keyword phrases. Headings make use of SEO friendly keywords and phrases. 

“White hat SEO” methods are far more practical in achieving good online business soundly with longer lasting.

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